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Eleblend, the perfect blend of science and nature. Eleblend gels combine key ingredients and essential oils creating a non-greasy, fast absorbing, topical gel with superior feel. Eleblend products can be used as is, or blended with your favorite natural oils. Over ten years ago, our team began creating a simple, yet flexible gel for our customers. We started to recognize the demand in the cannabis and essential oil industry and have adapted our gel to perform as a perfect partner. Eleblend gels are cannabis ready and highly versatile to achieve desired application. Infuse your preferred cannabis oil into our gel and create an effective blend. Want to add more oil than the suggested amount? We offer a PLUS product that will accept a greater concentration of your natural oil. Also, available for private label ventures. So, blend your expertise with ours and see how we gel. Our SPORT, RELAX, COOL VAPOR and BASE gel products are available for purchase at eleblend.com. Brands: BASE ge


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