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Los Angeles, California

Page updated: Oct 23, 2018



Hemp Victory Garden, is honored to bring quality Hemp Oil products to the marketplace. We take pride in proving that reliability, honesty, and high standards in service still exist. Our Industrial Hemp Oil meets the U.S. governmentʼs low levels of THC requirements, so, no permit or prescription is needed. However, Hemp itself is still illegal to be grown in the United States, except for a few states working on legislation to make Hemp legal to grow or are in pilot programs. Currently, we purchase terpene rich CBD industrial Hemp paste primarily from European countries where it is legal to grow Hemp and from farms that meet our quality standards for Hemp. We are here to give you the purity that you should expect and the variety of products with a range of strengths that meet your needs. Yes, the import process is definitely complicated. The FDA, DEA and Homeland Security must be given samples for testing. Our industrial Hemp paste is held in quarantine until all gove


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