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Dunlap, Tennessee

Page updated: Oct 5, 2020



We are immensely grateful for all of the customers that buy our CBD products. As our brand continues to make a positive impact, we want to offer new ways for people to get quality, organic CBD remedies, and our team would be thrilled to partner with organizations and people who are eager to help us. We believe affiliates play a crucial role in spreading awareness around CBD’s benefits, and we want to offer them remedies that they can trust and sell to consumers. Our products are natural, third-party tested, and organic. We are an industry leader in the CBD market, offering a range of CBD oils, topicals, skincare remedies, and pet care products for affiliates to choose from. We’d be honored to work with affiliates who are excited to represent our brand. Together, we can encourage consumers to achieve their health and lifestyle goals with organic CBD products that are already positively impacting so many consumers’ lives.



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